You are a woman of FAITH in the FIELD of marketplace. 


You know you are called to be there but there are times you feel alone and wish you could plug in to a community of like-minded women. You wish there was a place you could get EQUIPPED to go further but with God's ways...NOT the world's. You listen to business teachings and something just doesn't sit right. You are so tired of building in your OWN STRENGTH.

I. GET. IT. 

I was a type-A, overachieving DOER. Building in my own strength and being quite successful at it. Until I wasn't. Enter in burn out and health issues and just feeling DONE. 

Then in May of 2008, everything changed. After an encounter with the Lord, I knew I could no longer function the way I had been. This being IN the world and OF the world. I knew there had to be a better way. 

For the past ten years, I have been getting RE-tooled, RE-aligned, and have had to RE-learn the TRUTH of who I am, what I am truly called to, WHY I am there and HOW to walk it out differently then the rest of the world. 



Women Who Gather

Find out more about plugging in to our COMMUNITY. We offer weekend retreats & weekly bible studies to help you go further in your faith! 

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Have you been looking for a course and community where you can get E-quipped to go further in your field but from a foundation of faith? If so, E-SCHOOL is THE PLACE for you. 

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